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Cold pasteurization technology based on UV light

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Increased shelf life

AseptoRay’s pasteurization technology yields superior microbial results. It eliminates heat resistant spores, yeasts and molds, which significantly increases the product’s shelf life

Energy saving

A 73% reduction in direct energy costs compared to thermal pasteurization, and dramatic decrease in costs compared to High Pressure Processing (HPP) -0.34 cents/gallon using AseptoRay vs. 130 cents/gallon using HPP.

Organic and natural

Unlike thermal pasteurization (which heat and then cool down the products), cold pasteurization doesn’t change the natural make up of the treated products. As a result, the nutritional benefits remain the same and there are no organoleptic changes (i.e. the taste and odor are unchanged). This process greatly appeals to consumers searching for healthier and less processed foods and beverages which contain less preservatives.

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