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The Post’s charter was officially cancelled on June 15, 1925. A lighted brick wall, listing all deceased veterans is located at the Legion mound near the Hebron City Hall. Memorial services are held here each year for Memorial Day. A post color guard and firing squad participate in the services. Flags are placed on all servicemen’s graves in Hebron and area cemeteries. A Memorial cemetery of crosses, bearing the names of all deceased veterans, is set up behind the Legion mound.

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Post 62 has been served by 54 different members as Post Commander. They include 20 WW I, 25 WW II, three Korean War and six Viet Nam veterans, one of whom also served in Desert Storm and is the first Persian Gulf War member to serve as Post 62 Commander. The last charter member of Post 62 passed away on May 31, 1991, in Oregon, where he had his membership for many years. Only six female veterans have belonged to Post 62 … two from WW I and three from WW II, all deceased except one from the latter war, and one from the Vietnam War. This was the 22nd consecutive year of exceeding the membership Installment Loans Halliday North Dakota of previous years. It was also the 11th consecutive year of setting an all-time high in membership. The membership has dwindled every year since, to 187 in 1993. In the early 1930s, land was set aside at the Woodbine Cemetery, located on the west edge of the city, for the purpose of establishing a Veterans cemetery. This section of the cemetery has been maintained by the Legion’s Post 60 throughout the years. In the 1980s, Legionnaire Gene Henricks was instrumental in improving the maintenance as well as overseeing the construction of a Veterans Monument now in place in this cemetery.

Over the years substantial contributions have been given to the local hospital, Good Shepherd Home, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the swimming pool and innumerable other programs and projects. Other programs the Legion sponsors are Boys State and Oratorical Contest. It was sold to Bryant Kellogg on April 16, 1949, and then Kellogg sold the building to the Watford City American Legion Building Association on April 26, 1949, for $17,000. The Legion club was moved to basement of this building in 1949 and remained there until 1969 when it moved upstairs where it presently located. The loan for this building was paid off on April 19, 1956.

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Eberhard earned the Silver Star as a result of his brief time at the warfront. He died near Soissons, France and his grave location is unknown. Mary Walker of the Auxiliary, who was a music teacher and composer, dedicated her composition, “The American Legion March,” to the Bullis Post. By the year 1932, the Bullis Post received a citation for having a total membership of 72. The Fred C. Wagner American Legion Auxiliary Unit 235 was organized on January 28, 1931, with 26 charter members. We take part in the Memorial Day program and prepare and serve the food for the Veterans Day supper. In 1955, the post along with Towner County Commissioners checked into the possibility of getting a new National Guard Armory. With much work, along with the local Guard unit and county and city governments, this became a reality. The post obtained the lots for the armory and donated them to the county.

  • The S.M. Foote Post 161 received its national organizational charter on January 31, 1920.
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  • The team was made up of boys of the community and formed from four sections of the city.
  • In 1996 and 1997, the Grand Forks Royals came up just short of a State Championship.
  • Leonard of Bismarck; the building contractor was Harry E. Jeffrey of Underwood.

The Wood-Roan Post 109 received its national organizational charter on December 15, 1919. The Anderson-Wortman Post 108 received its national organizational charter on December 15, 1919. The Clifford-Lange Post 107, initially the Stearn-Lane Post 107, received its national organizational charter on December 15, 1919. The Boys State event is held in Fairmount’s northern suburb called Wahpeton. Fairmount High School’s superintendent at the time was prominently involved in helping to bring into existence this outstanding program. An award is given each year to a Boys Stater in memory of Superintendent Arve Dahlen, who was a member of our Legion post. This all continued until the early 1950s when the building was sold and the Red Owl building was purchased to serve as home for our Legion and Auxiliary.

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Charley Beck was a farm laborer in the Van Hook area before WW I. First in the area to be killed in action, he is buried at Soissons, France. Lawrence D. Sundin was born on October 1, 1917 at Coteau, North Dakota. He entered the United States Navy at Coteau on February 9, 1942. The Post also received an Honor Plate for the Post colors in recognition of the Post’s early 1952 membership work. On March 6, 1950, Post 286 was the recipient of the Special Certificate of Most Distinguished Service for having a 1950 Post enrollment on November 11, 1949, exceeding the total 1949 membership. This is the highest type of award that may be presented to a Post for membership activity. He was sent, to Letterman Hospital in California to recuperate. Second he served in Europe, in England and then France, where he was wounded again.

High membership records were tallied in the late 1940s through the 1970s, then slightly decreased in the 1980s and 1990s. City and Omemee, a motorcycle race entertained the group, with Oscar S. Thorson winning the $125 purse. Later, a public dance was held, which followed a free supper for all the servicemen, and the Grand Theatre, not to be outdone, showed three free Charlie Chaplin movies. During an intermission, 50 men signed up for the new post. The post co-sponsored Special Olympics from 1975 until the department took over this program in 1981. Also in 1975, the first Sugar Beet Festival took place in Grafton, and the post volunteered to take charge of the parade. On Armistice Day 1944, Grafton Post 41 observed the 25th Anniversary of The American Legion with a program at the Masonic Temple.

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At the time of her sinking she was being used as a troopship for United States troops from the 58th Infantry Regiment. Joseph E. Ryba was born at Lankin, North Dakota on March 13, 1895. He was inducted at Grafton, North Dakota on April 29, 1918. He served overseas from June 20, 1918 until June 18, 1919. He was discharged on June 22, 1919 and died at Lankin, North Dakota on January 17, 1920. Other men joining during the year 1945 were Clifford Loken, Vern Malafa, Gilbert Moe, Sam Omlie, Roger Vorachek and Joseph Waith. In 1946, a decision was made to set the first Monday of each month as the regular meeting date. Since that time, members of the firing squad have played important roles in Post 156 and Memorial Day activities. John Barnett was born at Sanish, North Dakota on December 7, 1919. He entered the United States Army in McHenry, North Dakota on March 9, 1942.

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Edward D. Johnson was born at Hurdsfield, North Dakota on October 26, 1917. He entered the United States Navy at Portland, Oregon on December 12, 1939. He served in the Asiatic-Pacific theatre and was killed in action at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. On April 14, 1972, Post 285 was the recipient of the Annual Americanism Citation for worthwhile and outstanding service to its community during the period specified in the Annual Post Americanism Report. On April 30, 1969, Post 285 was the recipient of the Annual Americanism Citation for worthwhile and outstanding service to its community during the period specified in the Annual Post Americanism Report. On February 28, 1963, Post 284 was the recipient of the Annual Americanism Citation for worthwhile and outstanding service to the community. Eugene L. Little was born at Wilton, North Dakota on November 11, 1911. He entered the United States Army at Fort Snelling Minnesota on February 5, 1942. He served in the Asiatic-Pacific theatres and was killed in action on November 4, 1944 at Leyte, Philippines.

The Post disbanded and its charter was cancelled on August 28, 1966. The Clark-Grosz Post 189, initially the Charles E. Clark Post 189, received its national organizational charter on May 14, 1920. The Post reorganized as the Clark-Grosz Post 189 and received its second national charter on January 5, 1946. The post supports Special Olympics, Boys State fees and transportation , delegates to Music Camp, Lifeline with Hettinger HQ for Rhame use, Rhame softball, Legion baseball and oratorical contests. Meetings were held at the police station or at the homes or businesses of members. In 1935, a building fund was begun with the intention of constructing a Legion home. Instead, the Legion contributed its fund toward furnishing a new city hall and memorial building built by the city under the WPA program. In return, it was given quarters in the basement of the new City Hall. The Archie Jardine Post 185 received its national organizational charter on April 3, 1920.