Top 10 Remote Jobs That Pay Well

But it was a bit of surprise that IT jobs make up almost half of the list among the top 10 highest paying remote jobs. This managerial role in the financial sector is another highest paying remote job, of which many remote companies are actively seeking specialists for their financial productivity. Decent software developer positions may require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.

  • They are now considering a permanent transition to become fully remote.
  • They’ll evaluate resumes and other application documents, complete screenings and assessments, and inform employers of the most suitable candidates for their open roles.
  • As an attorney, you’ll be advising clients, explaining legal issues, and preparing documents.
  • The median pay for software developers across industries is $110,140 per year, and you can still make that kind of money while working at home with certain jobs.
  • Many companies worldwide have recently turned their attention to working remotely.

But that’s a problem you’d only have to worry about after acquiring many years of experience. Like many jobs in IT, more of this type of work is able to be performed online/remotely with each coming year. That’s the trend we’re going in, which is exciting if you’re eager to work remotely. Yet overall, I cannot recommend digital marketing enough as a remote career to consider. Cyber security is a fast-growing field with a high average salary and great job prospects/job security looking forward. Freelancing allows you the flexibility to determine when and how you want to work, and there are countless resources available — including other freelancers — to help you start your trade. Your salary as a freelancer will entirely depend on the market you are entering, however, Business News Daily has gathered research about some freelancer salary data.

Are These The Only Remote Jobs That Pay Well?

You may be able to work remotely and take care of your kids, elders, or pets when you’re home. Gas money, Ubers, and public transportation expenses pile up quickly during the workweek and can all be stashed or invested when you’re remote. So as long as you hit on what the job description mentions, you can certainly make a case for why you can also do so from afar (even if you’ve only worked on-premise your whole career).

  • Checking in with your team through stand-up meetings will also be a daily occurrence.
  • More companies are allowing the heads of their departments to work outside of the office.
  • But don’t forget that you also have to prepare the home for showing.
  • To level up your career, you can learn more technical skills by attending a coding bootcamp, where you could even learn to be a software developer.

Twilio also provides pre-built applications for contact centers, account security, and marketing. Senior systems engineers are in charge of the planning, design and implementation of system engineering projects. They are proficient in Windows/Linux servers and usually also have a special area of expertise such as storage, virtualization or large-scale platforms. Becoming a psychologist typically requires a doctoral degree and certification. Some psychologists work in research roles, while others work directly with patients to help improve their cognitive, social or emotional behaviors. Those with a private practice can easily work from home by either having a home office or conducting sessions using a video messaging service.

Project Manager

An AI architect is someone who has deep knowledge of mathematics and statistics. Also, an AI architect should know programming languages and have a clear understanding of technologies related to AI including machine learning.

highest paying jobs remote

Remote work is no longer the exception — now, it’s more of a rule. More people are working remotely than ever before, which means there are plenty of opportunities for you to score a great remote job. As a project manager, you’ll use your organizational and communication skills to move projects from inception to completion.

Do Remote Jobs Pay More?

They can work as freelancers or contractors for businesses, individuals and government agencies, and they typically complete their work from home on a computer. Freelance translators often have a high earning potential based on the specialized skill set required to translate text into less common languages. You don’t necessarily need prior experience or job-related skills to land a virtual job. But any skills or prior knowledge you do have will only help you. There are far more jobs out there where you’ll find companies hiring remotely. It’s possible in this role that if you rose to the director level or acquired another senior position in this field, you’d be asked to come back to the office to work on-site.

highest paying jobs remote

Working online as a graphic designer is another way to work remotely. Until that point, my husband and I offered content creation as part of our freelance services, which usually included a word and pictures package. Learn how Michelle went from $0 in affiliate income to over $50,000 per month. Get the step-by-step affiliate marketing strategy course that shows you how to increase your affiliate income and make more money blogging. I think we, as bloggers, should value our services for a personal benefit to the other party as opposed to thinking about the amount of money we will earn. I opened the travel coaching sessions hoping that I will get income from it and become closer to the people who are reading the blog.

Software Developer

Salary range will vary by state, city, job title, and experience level, of course, but according to ZipRecruiter, the average remote salary as of December, 2021 was a very respectable $89,178. Applicants should also emphasize important remote working skills, such as communication, task management, time management, independent working skills and comfort with technology. These jobs require a four-year college degree and are expected to show strong post-COVID growth. Many of them are in IT, finance, business management and advertising. Use these two routes, and you’ll easily land a job with a top remote company and earn a fantastic salary while doing so.

  • We easily earn a solid 4-figure monthly income from our Instagram agency.
  • In fact, nearly 60% of U.S. employees consider salary and compensation as a top priority when choosing a job, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.
  • As a project manager, you’ll use your organizational and communication skills to move projects from inception to completion.
  • If, in addition to a foundation in tech, you have an eye for detail and are a top-notch communicator, quality assurance testing could be a dream come true.
  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology, communications, graphic design, or computer science.

Do you want more flexibility to work around your kids’ crazy schedules? Do you want to be able to work during your most productive hours, be that early in the morning, at midday, or late at night? Then you’d probably be interested in learning more about high-paying work from home jobs.

Highest Paying Remote Work Jobs On U S Market In 2022

You need to get familiar and follow company guidelines to use the appropriate tone while communicating with customers. In order to get a job via NoDesk just find the job that fits your skills and preferences and apply online. While FlexJobs offers you some job details for free, you can access the full FlexJobs board when you become a paid member. Indeed is an online recruitment highest paying jobs remote platform providing you with the large job directory, featuring various companies. We can help you make money online, on the road and on the go so that you can travel as much as you want! We aim to deliver quality traffic for performance based advertising India in digital advertising industry. We reviewed them and thought it was an excellent service, definitely one of the best.

highest paying jobs remote

An enterprise architect develops the long-term IT strategy in support of the business strategy. Becoming an enterprise architect usually requires years of experience, but you can put your career on the fast track when you earn a TOGAF certification. TOGAF, which stands for The Open Group Architecture Framework, certification is recognized worldwide as vital for enterprise architects.

Medical Coder

In terms of job duties, data scientists work to analyze/process data. Earning a healthy paycheck and enjoying the benefits of remote work have become much more common since the pandemic, proving that it’s possible to make great money while working from home. Remote work can be a great resource for those needing to prioritize balance and scheduling, for those wishing to make their own schedules, or for those who want to be their own boss. If you want or need to turn to remote work, then hopefully this guide can help you on the right track, no matter your level of experience or training. If you are an experienced surf instructor and keen to work whilst you travel the world, this would be a great job. Many organizations need people to translate documents from and to English which may be possible to do remotely. Companies on expenses such as building and office equipment and give employees the flexibility to work from wherever they like.

The majority of software development jobs can easily be done from home and don’t require much interaction with clients or employers. If you are looking for a high paying remote job in a foreign country, Swapp Agency will easily assist you in your employment. We provide Employer of Record services and help employees work from anywhere. The salary of a data scientist is around $150,000 making it the highest paying remote job right now in tech for 2021.

Big Data Engineer

Data entry keyers can earn a range of salaries depending on their industry and employer, but BLS data shows this class of professionals averaging $34,820 per year. Cruise ships require various jobs to be done by people with all sorts of different skills and experience. I’ve found freelance writing to be the best way to make money while traveling and to work remotely. Considering you’ve raised your blog’s traffic to a decent number, affiliate marketing can become one of the best ways to make money from your blogand one of the best travel Jobs to work remotely. Answering customers questions via email, website live chat, social media messengers or over the phone.

Just browse the open job directory and apply to the one that matches your location, skills and preferences. Just in the month of May, 19 people have confirmed they’ve been hired through two of the companies we recommend . I don’t have the data and tracking for the other 8 companies we recommend, but I’m sure many more have been hired as well. Thanks for the message and sorry to hear that you think teaching online is a scam. It definitely isn’t a scam and there are thousands of people earning a living from teaching . Yes, right now there are more teachers looking for work due to the pandemic, but there are lots of online companies out there.

Here Are The Top 12 Easy Online Jobs That Can Earn You Thousands Each Month

I mostly write about topics that interest me – food and travel but I also occasionally take on topics for clients that I’m not as familiar with, and I love that challenge. Pay on a percentage of the sale, some on leads , and some on a fixed rate that can increase according to the number of sales.