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The main features of the AseptoRay systems are

Adjustable program

As you may add and change recipes and products to your production line, the AseptoRay system allows users to adjust recipes and parameters . This is a unique feature that enables manufacturing plants to treat a vast range of liquids. For example, for clear apple juice a certain recipe is required while for more turbid natural and different PH product such as a carrot juice a different mode is necessary.

Continuous operation

as opposed to batch processing such as HPP, the AseptoRay system perfectly integrates into the production line and operates continuously.
This translates into faster manufacturing that doesn’t require pausing for batch processing

Clean-in-place (CIP)

The system is equipped with a CIP module (both semi-automated and fully automatic). In the fully automatic CIP, the system synchronizes with the central CIP system, while in the semi automated mode, the different cleaning agents are manually added to the balance tank before each CIP step.


Each AseptoRay system can be upgraded to increase its processing capacity. This means that a manufacturing line can upgrade from a system with a maximal capacity of 1000 lph/4.4 gpm to one with a maximal capacity of 3000 lph/13.2 gpm without having to physically replace the entire system.


The AseptoRay machine is easy to operate and user friendly. AseptoRay of course provides an in-depth training program as well as 24/7 service support.

Stand-alone solution

The AseptoRay platform offers a complete cold pasteurization solution. Manufacturers can choose to combine it with existing solutions or as a stand-alone alternative.

AseptoRay 1000

1000 lph/4.4 gpm

AseptoRay 3000

3000 lph/13.2 gpm

AseptoRay 250

250 lph/1.1 gpm

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Power supply: 380V, 3 phase, 32A, 50 Hz
System weight: 640 Kg
Compressed air supply: 6 bars, dry, filtered (no oil residuals)
Product inlet: pipe with 2 inch ferrule connection
Product outlet: pipe with 2 inch ferrule connection
Product outlet: pipe with 2 inch ferrule connection


  • Inlet temperature: 5-90ºC (41-194ºF)
  • Viscosity: 1-150 CP
  • Specific gravity: 1-1.4 gr/cm3
  • UVT: 1-100%